Cx 10 gravimetric batch dosing

Cx 10 Gravimetric batch dosing


Cx 10 Batch dosing device

Gravimetric mixing and dosing system for granules and additives

– Dosing, weighing, mixing, controlling in one single device –

Dosing capacity: Up to 20kg/h
4 components, Equipped with high accurate drum dosin units (WD system) WD1


The Cx 10 has been developed for small throughputs of up to 20 kg/h. The unique compact design saves space and, with its high-precision dosing drum technology and high-resolution weighing system ensures ideal dosing and mixing results.

At quantities of 0.1 % to 100 %, metering is by drum dosing devices (WD). Granulates and masterbatches are homogeneously mixed with the turbo mixer right from the first batch.

Its design minimises material storage.
State-of-the-art microcontroller dosing control filters out impacts and vibrations.
Cleaning and refitting the device is quick and easy.


Technical data

Dosing capacity: Up to 20 kg/h
Accuracy: About 0.1% for additives (average of 3)
Max. no. of dosing stations: 4, equipped with drum dosing devices
Weighing hopper: 500 ml
Mixer: 2 litres
Housing: Stainless steel 1.4301 / aluminium
Electrical connection: 230 V

* depending on bulk density and grain size


• Gravimetric metering of all components
• Low holding capacity
• Dyeing on the processing machine
• Easy handling
• Fast material change
• Material savings through high-precision drum dosing devices
• Easy cleaning and disassembly
• Ethernet interface with Modbus UDP
• Plexiglass door (standard)
• Colour status indication


• Up to 20 kg/h
• 4 components (granulates, masterbatch)
• Fully electric
• No compressed air
• Batch size 200 g
• Metering accuracy 0.1 % *
• Precision weighing cells
• Highly accurate dosing drums
• 24-bit weighing amplifier
• Shock absorber integrated in weighing software
• Inclined mixer

* depending on bulk density and grain size


• Display 5“ or 7“
• Integration in central feed system visualisation (SFx)
• Adapter flange for injection moulding machines
• Remote display Cx OP7 with job logging

Fernbedienung Cx Operator (Option)

• Zentrale, intuitive Bedienung
• User-Rechteverwaltung
• Rezeptspeicher für Single und Coex-Anlagen(Option: bis zu 3 Geräte)
• Verbrauchsanzeige (Summe) für ausgewählte Rezepte
• Logbuch (Protokolle, Schaltzustände, Störmeldungen, Einstellungen)
• Materialspeicher
• Rezept einfach manuell auswählbar (Standard)
• Rezepte über Barcode-Scanner einlesbar (Option)
• Auftrags-Logbuch (Option)
• Zentralbedienung für Mahlgut-Förder-Anlagen (MFA)
• Datenexport auf USB-Stick, FTP-Server

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