Many plastics must be dried before processing. We offer the right devices for this.

The quality of the drying process often determines the mechanical properties and the dimensional stability of the injected parts.
Furthermore, the drying process is energetically complex and thus contributes significantly to the cost-effectiveness of the complete production.

Trockner HD-TD-2000


Hot air dryer: HL series

HL 100-400

When it comes to removing the surface moisture, e.g. For bag material. Or if material has been stored in the external silo and is to be thermally adjusted to production, hot-air / circulating air dryers are the medium of choice.

  •     Low-cost drying solution for surface moisture and conditioning
  •     Digital temperature regulation
  •     Stainless steel container
  •     Easiest operation
  •     Integrated promotion



Dry air dryer: HC series

Dry air dryers remove residual moisture from the interior of the material. They are necessary especially when manufacturing technical parts from polycondensates.

The dryer of the HC series offer you

  •     Uniform material drying by dew point control
  •     Prevention of over-drying by throughput-dependent air flow control
  •     Independence from climatic conditions
  •     Energy efficiency through controlled bypass airflow


Dry air dryer: TB series
TB 200-1800

Dry air dryer: TD series