SCx Silo management


SCx silo management system

Measuring and visualization system for external silos and material containers
– The right material in the right silo –


The SCx system is a measuring and monitoring system for the filling of silos as well as material containers. It registers and monitors filling levels and ensures that only released materials are filled. This results in high process reliability and is a prerequisite for the availability of the material.

  •      Overview of material stock. This means cost-efficient material management
  •      Silo control for your overview and planning
  •      Monitoring the level and couplings
  •      Silos released exclusively from quality management can be filled
  •      Visualization of the silos and display of filling levels in tonnes and percent on a touch panel
  •      Notification of min-level by e-mail
  •      Monitoring via browser
  •      Control and monitoring by touch panel as well as control software


Silo filling

Monitored coupling fields to avoid filling errors.


Silo – coupling station


Level measurement

Proven mechanical solders, guided microwave and wheel measuring are integrated into one concept.

 Silo administration

Visualization on the touch panel and as a web page allow access from the material management.
Only when the right material is provided in sufficient quantity of production can quality be produced.

  •     Manage up to 24 silos
  •     Continuous level monitoring
  •     Separate lamp field at the silos for truck drivers with max/min-indication and flash-lamp
  •     Measurement even during filling, therefore no Max-detector is necessary
  •     Min-detectors are no longer necessary
  •     Exact calculation of the silo content, also in the cone
  •     Material table with predefined material data
  •     Each silo is assigned a material. This results in accurate quantity calculation
  •     Graphical visualization with touch panel computer
  •     Built-in web server enables installation in the Internet browser
  •     Logbook with cyclic saving of the filling level values
  •     E-mail notification when a reporting level is exceeded

Devices and systems

  •     Coupling station for silo vehicle
  •     Exterior control for truck drivers
  •     Touch panel computer for visualization
  •     Visualization and control for the production manager

Silo-Materialliste  Silo-Setup  Silo-Material

Silo Web-Browser 





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