Company history

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We are a family enterprise of the mechanical engineering sector, based in Dorfprozelten. The toolmaker and inventor Alfons Tschritter founded Alfons Tschritter GmbH in 1969 with his wife Regina in Collenberg (Bavaria). The company chronicle was characterized by the personal dedication of the company founder and the convincing technical solutions that he developed for renowned companies from the plastics industry. The devices convinced by their high quality and innovation. Many patents in this field testify to the wealth of ideas of the self-made founder. In the eventful history, visionary innovation and enthusiasm have created a strong foundation for today’s company, which still characterizes our activities today.


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Over the past 40 years, our company history has been characterized by growth and challenges that have fostered progress. Trust, openness and transparency are the guiding principles of our corporate culture, which are supported by our experienced employees. Our philosophy is based on sustainable and continuous development. That is why we manufacture our machines and systems with the highest quality standards – Made in Germany.
Proximity to our customers leads to mutually beneficial developments in all areas of plastics technology. Therefore, we are not only a supplier of peripherals, but a trustworthy partner and can thus achieve the best possible process efficiency and product quality with our innovations.

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Through the takeover of the management by Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Thorsten Tschritter, the company is modernized and led into a new era of development. Independent departments become an active part of company philosophy. Special attention is paid to research and development and lead to new processes and products. The systematic digital connection of the machines and systems among each other and software development are just as important as innovations in the field of dosing and conveying technology. Stability is our corporate objective. We continue the upswing and face the challenges of the market with new ideas and techniques, thus taking the values of the company founder Alfons Tschritter into the future.